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About BPH

The prostate, which is a part of the male reproductive system, normally is the shape of a 1oz. walnut. It has one job — make the fluid for semen, which mixes with the sperm from the testicles. Together, they flow into the urethra and out of the penis during ejaculation. When benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) sets in (usually after the age of 40), the prostate will swell and expand. An inflamed prostate can become so large that it obstructs the opening for anything to come out through the urethra. This can also make urination excruciating.

BPH is accompanied by several uncomfortable symptoms that disrupt your daily (and night) life. Atlanta, GA board-certified urologist Dr. Tariq Hakky can have a one-on-one discussion with you about your symptoms and how to find relief.

Causes and risk Factors

As a male age 40 and over, you know that prostate exams become really important to maintaining your health and detecting cancer as early as possible. In the medical community, it is unclear as to the cause of BPH, but there are many factors that can trigger or coincide with symptoms, such as:

  • Being over the age of 40 puts you at a higher risk for BPH
  • Genetic connection (someone in your family has an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer)
  • Treatments for other medical conditions
  • Being overweight
  • Having other medical conditions at the same time, such as a urinary tract infection, kidney stones, prostatitis, or cancer of the kidney or bladder

Your BPH Symptoms

If you are experiencing the symptoms of BPH, you may have:

  • Painful urination
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom 
  • Slower than normal stream of urine (dribbling)
  • Start and stop urination (not a continuous stream)
  • Wake up in the middle of the night to urinate (nocturia)
  • Always feel like your bladder is full or never fully empty it

These BPH symptoms can be very uncomfortable and disruptive to your life. 

Treatment Techniques

You will go through a diagnostic process with Dr. Hakky that will include:

  • A urine sample for urinalysis
  • A blood draw to check for kidney dysfunction and the level of PSA in the blood
  • A rectal exam where a finger will be inserted to check the prostate
  • A one-on-one discussion about your symptoms and family medical history

Dr. Hakky may recommend further testing for an accurate diagnosis based on your exam and symptoms. 

What to Expect

Dr. Hakky will collect all of this data to make your treatment plan. Every patient will have his own personalized plan for BPH relief. Depending on the level of severity, Dr. Hakky may prescribe BPH medications for mild cases. Surgical procedures, such as the transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), and other minimally invasive therapies for men with chronically inflamed, large prostates are for more advanced BPH conditions.

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You do not need a referral to consult with Dr. Hakky at Atlanta Cosmetic Urology to talk about your BPH. We are here for you if you would like to discuss your prostate pain and troublesome urination difficulties. Call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Hakky in his office in Atlanta, GA. 

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