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About The UroLift

Using endoscopic guidance, our board-certified urologist, Dr. Tariq Hakky at Atlanta Cosmetic Urology, can place UroLift implants on your prostate to stop the obstruction of your urethra. You may have tried medications and other minimally invasive therapies (like Rezum) with no success to relieve the uncomfortable and life-interrupting benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH or enlarged prostate). Atlanta Cosmetic Urology would like to offer you the UroLift as a different option.

To stop the endless trips to the bathroom, inability to fully empty your bladder, pelvic pain, and the other symptoms of BPH, you should have a consultation with Dr. Hakky about UroLift implants. He can explain in detail how the UroLifts (placed on both sides of the prostate) will work for you. UroLifts will allow a passageway for urine to leave the bladder. Urinary retention can only cause more painful problems and urinary tract infections. This is a great option if you are not tolerating BPH medications well or leaving surgery as a last resort. Schedule a meeting with Dr. Hakky in our Atlanta, GA office to learn more today.

Best Candidates

If you have a slightly enlarged prostate, the UroLift may be right for you. Candidates for the UroLift will be:

  • Experiencing trouble with urination (starting, stopping, dribbling, or inability to empty the bladder)
  • Seeing blood in the urine
  • Sleeping less because of getting up in the middle of the night to urinate
  • Infection free (urinalysis will be needed prior to the placement of a UroLift)
  • Ready for a digital rectal exam to determine the severity of the prostate inflammation

Treatment Technique

As an in-office procedure, the Urolift can be inserted by Dr. Hakky in about 15 minutes. You will be on a table in one of our comfortable treatment rooms. Your legs will be elevated as well. After sedation and/or local anesthesia has been administered, Dr. Hakky will begin the implantation of the UroLift. If you have the UroLift inserted in a hospital setting, it is more likely that you would have a general anesthetic.

Each UroLift implant has three parts (nitinol capsular tab, the PET suture, and a one-centimeter stainless steel urethral end piece). A handheld endoscopic device will be inserted into the head of the penis, which will have a camera attached to it. Once inside, Dr. Hakky will work on one side of the prostate at a time. With a 19-gauge needle, he will place at least two implants on each side of the prostate (for a total of four). The UroLift implant will hold back the tissue so that the urethra stays clear for urine flow. There are no incisions to close. He will take the instruments out of the penis once the implants have been placed properly.


Rezum is a water vapor therapy for BPH that we also have available at Atlanta Cosmetic Urology. With the use of radiofrequency energy and steam, the Rezum system will destroy cells and damage the tissues of the prostate.

What to Expect

After your UroLift implantation appointment, it is important to have patience with your body as it acclimates to the implants. Dr. Hakky will give you detailed instructions on what to do after your UroLift placement. You will need a ride home after your appointment (no driving for a 24-hour period) and schedule some time off from work to recover. If you have any concerns or questions about your UroLift implants, please call our office. You may experience some side effects from the procedure, such as painful urination, urges to urinate frequently, discomfort in the pelvic area, and a slight chance for a urinary tract infection.

Making and keeping all of your Atlanta Cosmetic Urology appointments are also very important. Dr. Hakky will want to see you in six weeks post-op. In the meantime, you should not lift heavy objects (especially weightlifting) or perform hard physical labor, be sedentary for long stretches of time, or participate in sexual activity. Drinking fluids are essential to your health. However, please avoid caffeinated beverages (tea, coffee, sodas, or carbonated drinks) that may increase your need to urinate more frequently.

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15 Minutes
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6 Weeks
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Your next Steps to relief

When medications for BPH are interfering with your life (especially your sex life) and you are not ready to have prostate surgery, you should consider the UroLift at Atlanta Cosmetic Urology. Dr. Hakky will go over your options for treatment, discuss what has been tried before, and give you an idea of what the UroLift could do for you. Call and schedule a private appointment with him today.

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