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About Penis Implants

With a natural penile appearance and renewed erectile sensations, you can enhance your and your partner's sex life and reestablish sexual intimacy again with a penile prosthesis. Our board-certified urologist, Dr. Tariq Hakky, is an internationally recognized penile implant surgeon because of his minimally invasive (less than one inch) incision. As one of the leading penile implant surgeons in the United States, Dr. Hakky is well-versed in all three (scrotal, infrapubic, and subcoronal) approaches with a modified, no-touch technique. Surgically placed inside of your penis, an implant by Dr. Hakky can provide you with minimal scarring, less recovery time, and the capacity to put your new implant into action faster.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, or ED, with little to no success with medications, therapies, or devices, then we recommend making an appointment with Dr. Hakky to learn more about penile implants. At Atlanta Cosmetic Urology, we offer inflatable (Coloplast, AMS) and semi-rigid rod implants to our patients who have had no success with other interventions. If this describes you, please speak with Dr. Hakky about all of your treatment options in a private consultation in our office in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, GA.

Penile Implant Surgery

Best Candidates

If you have tried ED medications and other methods of improving the strength of your erections with no success, then it may be time to go to the next level of care with an implant. Candidates for a penis implant:

  • Have ED
  • Have a history of unsuccessful medical interventions for ED (such as pills, therapy, and intracavernous injection treatments)
  • Do not tolerate ED medications well
  • Have a medical condition that prohibits the use of ED medications

During your consultation, Dr. Hakky will perform a thorough consultation and examination to determine your eligibility for a penile implant.

What is an Infrapubic Penile Implant?

At Atlanta Cosmetic Urology, Dr. Hakky performs infrapubic penile implants for more optimal results for his male patients. Infrapubic penile implants include an incision being made above the penile pubic junction. This technique offers several advantages, including the ability to place the implant more rapidly with a better view through the same incision. Additionally, an infrapubic approach helps to avoid an additional incision in the scrotum, which can allow for quicker healing times. During a thorough consultation at our facility, Dr. Hakky can evaluate your desired results to determine if you are a candidate for an infrapubic approach.

Types of Implants

Dr. Hakky performs two types of penile implant surgeries: inflatable or semi-rigid rod implants. The inflatable and semi-rigid rod implants will both allow you to have an erection in a more spontaneous fashion than other ED interventions and with no side effects.

Inflatable implants (Coloplast and AMS inflatable prosthetics)
A two-piece or three-piece inflatable implant will give you control of your natural-looking erection at all times. No one would be able to tell that you have had an implant put in your penis. When you are not in an excited state, your penis will look soft and limp.

Semi-rigid rod implant
This is the type of implant that will make your penis somewhat erect all of the time because it is made of bendable metal. Your penis would be firm all of the time with a semi-rigid rod implant.

About orgasms
Penile implants are a treatment for men with ED — not ejaculation disorder. If you are unable to have an orgasm before the implant surgery, the prosthetic still will not increase your chances of having an orgasm. The inability to have an orgasm is a separate medical condition that can be addressed in your treatment if necessary.

Visual Aids

Below is a diagram of the Titan Touch® Inflatable Penile Implant:

Below is a diagram of the Genesis® Flexible Rod Penile Implant:

For more information, please feel free to read the full article below.

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Surgical Technique

In an inpatient setting, our surgical team will prepare you for your implant surgery. Depending on your treatment plan, general anesthesia will be administered, and we will shave your pubic area. Your surgery should last about 45 minutes. Dr. Hakky will make the incision needed to place your implant on the underside of the head and at the base of your penis. Your surgery will be tailored to your needs. This is an elaborate process that requires an experienced surgeon, like Dr. Hakky, to perform this implantation.

To make room for the implant, Dr. Hakky will remove spongy tissue that fills with blood during a natural erection. He will position your selected implant into your penis and close the incision very carefully. 

Once all of the surgical procedures are finished, you will be bandaged appropriately and sent to be monitored in the recovery room. Our post-op nurses will be there to manage your pain, take your vital signs, and relay information to Dr. Hakky about your progress. You may have a catheter and surgical drains in place as well. As a precaution, Dr. Hakky suggests that all implant patients stay at least one night in the hospital to be observed. Then, you should be able to return home to begin your road to recovery. If you leave with a catheter, we will educate you on how to care for your surgical sites.

Penile Implant Surgery Pre-Op Instructions

Implant Pre-Op Instructions

What to Expect

After your surgery, you will be sent home to rest and recover. Please follow all of Dr. Hakky's post-surgical instructions. He will also give you a prescription for pain medications as needed. Many penile implant patients are recovered in 4 – 6 weeks after the procedure and are able to have a satisfying sex life again. You will have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Hakky two weeks after surgery. He will want to check on your progress to see how the implant is working, answer your questions, and discuss further interventions if necessary.

Penile Implant Surgery Post-Op Instructions

Implant Post-Op Instructions

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Recovery Time  
2 – 4 Weeks
Average Procedure Time  
35 Minutes
Post-op Follow-up  
2 Weeks
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Post Operation Discharge Instructions for Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Discharge Instructions

Dr. Hakky will go thru post operation instructions with you, however he is a convenient document included that you can review post surgery.

ACU Penile Prothesis Discharge Instructions

ACU Penile Prothesis Discharge

For Your sexual Health

To learn more about our treatments for ED and penis implants, please call our office in Atlanta, GA for an appointment with Dr. Hakky. When nonsurgical options for ED are no longer working for you, let's find a solution to improve your quality of life.

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