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What Is A Torosa Testicular Prosthesis?

Offered at Atlanta Cosmetic Urology, the Torosa testicular prosthesis is a saline-filled implant that resembles a natural testicle in size, shape, and weight and is designed for men who've lost a testicle due to conditions like testicular cancer or injury. The outer shell is durable, flexible silicone, while the interior saline solution ensures a similar feel to a natural testicle.
This prosthesis aims to offer psychological benefits to men adjusting to life after testicular removal. It's critical to note that it does not restore testicular function, such as sperm production or hormone secretion.

Nevertheless, it can help to ease feelings of loss, embarrassment, or inadequacy that can accompany the physical changes of orchiectomy. If you have a condition or injury that required the removal of a testicle and are interested in a prosthesis, please get in touch with Dr. Tariq Hakky and our Atlanta, GA team for more information and to schedule a consultation.

How Is A Torosa Testicular Prosthesis Installed?

Inserting a Torosa testicular prosthesis is typically performed under general anesthesia. It's often an outpatient procedure performed by Dr. Hakky, meaning the patient can usually go home the same day. The surgery begins with a small incision in the lower part of the scrotum or the groin area. Through this incision, Dr. Hakky and his Atlanta Cosmetic Urology team will create a pocket in the scrotum to house the prosthesis. The prosthesis is then gently placed into this pocket. We will ensure the prosthesis is appropriately positioned and secured. Following the placement of the prosthesis, the incision is then closed using sutures that will dissolve over time. After surgery, you will be given specific care instructions to aid recovery, typically involving rest and avoiding strenuous activity for a few weeks.

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If you've lost a testicle due to illness or injury, consider the life-enhancing benefits of the Torosa testicular prosthesis. Atlanta Cosmetic Urology in Atlanta, GA, offers this solution to help restore your self-confidence and body image. Our compassionate, skilled team, led by Dr. Hakky, is here to guide you through the journey. Don't wait to reclaim your sense of wholeness and normalcy. Contact Atlanta Cosmetic Urology today to discuss if a Torosa testicular prosthesis is the right choice for you.

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