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About Penile Girth Enhancement

When men seek penile girth enhancement at Atlanta Cosmetic Urology, they are generally concerned about the width and circumference of their shaft and sexual performance. Board-certified urologist Dr. Tariq Hakky regularly consults with men privately about the girth of their penis in his Atlanta, GA office. On average, the penis shaft (flaccid) is about 3.5 – 4 inches. During an erection, the shaft can swell about a half an inch. Dr. Hakky understands that if you have a thin penis, you may feel self-conscious or inept to your partner. This is why he can offer you a solution with penile girth enhancement injections with a fat transfer. By taking your own fat from an unwanted area of your body (such as the abdominal or buttocks area), he can expand the shaft to extend the circumference and width — not the length. 

Atlanta Cosmetic Urology also offers dermal fillers for penis girth enhancement. Injections of fillers, like hyaluronic acid, into the penis shaft will only increase the width and circumference of the penis, not the length. Dr. Hakky will perform the injections in his office and make them as comfortable as possible. Dermal filler injections are only temporary and maintenance appointments will have to be made about 18 months out. Also, you can adjust the amount of filler used with each injection session. If you would like to gradually become larger or want to change the amount put in, Dr. Hakky can customize your treatment to your preferences.

Best Candidates 

If you are concerned about the width of your thin penis shaft, you may be a candidate for penile girth enhancement. In the past, you may have tried the following methods for a thicker penis:

  • Topical medications
  • Exercises
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Penile enlargement devices (penis pump)
  • Penis rings, tension rings, or constriction bands to restrict blood flow

If these enhancers produced poor outcomes, you would be welcomed to make an appointment to discuss options with Dr. Hakky in a discrete, private setting at Atlanta Cosmetic Urology.

Treatment Technique

Dr. Hakky mainly performs autologous fat transfers for penile girth enhancements. This is a two-part surgery that first involves liposuction. A general anesthetic will be used for the procedure. He will take adipose tissue from an area, like the abs, buttocks, or thighs via hydroliposuction. The fat will then be purified to be re-injected into your penis through a syringe. Dr. Hakky will then inject the fat into the shaft of the penis evenly around until the discussed size is accomplished.

What to Expect

After your penile girth enhancement, you will need to recover and take about a week off from work. You will need to take care of your liposuction surgery site and make sure that the filler in your penis heals evenly (not lumpy). Dr. Hakky will tell you how to care for yourself during this time and will see you for a follow-up appointment in two weeks.

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30 Minutes
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2 Weeks
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Learn About Girth Injections

Whether you choose dermal fillers or have a fat transfer to plump up the volume on the girth of your penis, Dr. Hakky can provide you with information about both. When it is time to go a step further in your treatment with enlargement injections or a fat transfer, you can leave behind the time-consuming devices that offer no spontaneity. Call and schedule today.

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