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About Vasectomy Reversals

Are you thinking about trying to become a dad again after having a vasectomy? As a board-certified urologist and fellowship-trained microsurgeon, Dr. Tariq Hakky specializes in the treatment of sexual health disorders for men, such as male infertility and sexual dysfunction (impotence or ejaculation disorders). Atlanta Cosmetic Urology has the latest microsurgical equipment, and Dr. Hakky has performed many vasovasostomy and epididymovasostomy procedures. He chose to pursue fellowship training in male infertility microsurgery. Less than 1% of urologists study the most advanced microsurgical techniques, and Dr. Hakky is proud to have mastered them.

You may wonder what Dr. Hakky's success rate is for reversing vasectomies. Each reversal case is unique. His impeccable skills and the state of your health at the time of surgery are both major factors in the success of undoing the original vasectomy. Even if Dr. Hakky did not perform your original vasectomy, he is still willing to have a consultation with you about your surgical options. Your fertility restoration journey is a phone call away. Discover your options at Atlanta Cosmetic Urology.

Best Candidates

Candidates for a vasectomy reversal are men who have had a vasectomy and would like the opportunity to conceive a child. At Atlanta Cosmetic Urology, vasectomy reversal is not just for men who have "changed their minds." We see many couples reach out to Dr. Hakky who would like to conceive a baby because they lost a child. Also, we have candidates who have a new partner or have married someone who wishes to initiate a pregnancy. Dr. Hakky is happy to consult with candidates for a vasectomy reversal even if he did not perform the original surgery. If you would like to be considered for this procedure, schedule a consultation to learn more about what microsurgery could do for your chances.

Treatment Technique

If it is determined that you are an ideal candidate for a reversal surgery, Dr. Hakky will not know what type of technique you need until he sees and tests the sperm in the old vasectomy site. In the operating room, you will be under a general anesthetic or a regional (spinal or epidural) anesthetic for about 2 – 3 hours. During the surgery, Dr. Hakky will make a vertical incision in your scrotum to access the precise location where the vas deferens was cut in the prior surgery. The vas deferens will be reopened to test the sperm present in the fluid.

If the sperm is abundant and appears healthy, a vasovasostomy with a magnification microscope will be performed. Clear, watery vasectomy fluid with no sperm can still benefit from a direct vasovasostomy. If the vasectomy fluid is thick and sperm are present or if there is no fluid, Dr. Hakky would perform an epididymovasostomy. Usually, there is a 65% return rate for sperm in the ejaculate with this procedure.

Vasovasostomy (VV)
The next step for the vasovasostomy would be a strict, two-layer, watertight procedure. Using a powerful operating microscope, the vas deferens will be reconnected.

Epididymovasostomy (EV)
To correct a blockage or an obstruction in the epididymis, Dr. Hakky would perform an epididymovasostomy. The epididymal tube will be cut open and compressed for fluid to test for sperm. If no sperm is located, a closer incision can be made for testing. Dr. Hakky will reattach it with two layers of extremely fine sutures.

What to Expect

To recover at home, you should prepare beforehand by purchasing compression shorts, ice packs, and gauze to change out your bandages. You will also need to book a post-operative follow-up visit 2 – 3 weeks with Dr. Hakky to evaluate your incision sites. At 6 – 8 weeks, you will make arrangements for a semen analysis. You will provide us with a semen sample monthly (about 4 – 6 months) until the sperm count is at an appropriate level. If you have to travel a long distance to our office in Atlanta, you should find a laboratory near your home that provides a service for semen analysis. Then, the lab results can be sent to Dr. Hakky for interpretation. 

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Giving Fatherhood A Chance

With the advances in modern technology and the skill of our talented urologist and microsurgeon, Dr. Hakky, you have the opportunity to have another chance at fatherhood. Vasectomy reversal is a complex procedure to endure yet many men have said that having the ability to father a child again was worth it. If you would like to discuss your vasectomy reversal options, please contact our office at Atlanta Cosmetic Urology in Atlanta, GA.

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