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What is Xiaflex

Cellulite is a very common imperfection that affects as many as 90% of women. While weight gain can increase the amount you have, cellulite is not directly related to weight or body type. Many women seek the help of professionals, like board-certified physician Dr. Tariq Hakky, to reduce the appearance of their cellulite on their buttocks. Thanks to advances in the aesthetic industry, Dr. Hakky is proud to announce the use of Xiaflex, an injectable cellulite reduction treatment that has provided outstanding results for patients in the Atlanta, GA community. Xiaflex is already approved by the FDA for the treatment of other conditions and is in the third phase of clinical trials for cellulite reduction on the buttocks. To learn more about this exciting treatment, contact Atlanta Cosmetic Urology to schedule your consultation.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for cellulite reduction with Xiaflex have visible cellulite on their buttocks. Many patients will have attempted other cellulite-reducing options without receiving the results they hoped for. Xiaflex is comprised of collagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCH), which dissolves the collagen cords in the buttocks, smoothing the area and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Dr. Hakky will discuss your aesthetic goals, medical history, and any drug allergies before determining whether Xiaflex is right for you. 

Procedure Information

The Xiaflex procedure is quite simple. Dr. Hakky will determine where the injections should be placed for optimal results and inject the liquid into your buttocks after the treatment sites have been cleaned. The number of injections that you will need will be determined by Dr. Hakky after an assessment of your treatment area (but typically Dr. Hakky does four cycles consisting of two shots per cycle). Injections are most commonly placed in each buttock for a symmetrical result. As is the case with any type of injection, you may experience a pinch when the needle pierces your skin. Otherwise, risks and side effects are rarely experienced with Xiaflex.

What to Expect

Patients can return to work or their daily activities immediately after their procedure as Xiaflex is not an invasive procedure and does not require a recovery period. As the solution works to dissolve collagen fibers, patients will enjoy smoother skin and reduced cellulite. Xiaflex has been widely studied in clinical trials and is approved by the FDA for the treatment of many conditions. As such, Dr. Hakky trusts and utilizes the medication to offer area women a unique and exciting opportunity. 

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Smooth and Boost

Boost your confidence and smooth your cellulite with Xiaflex. If diet and exercise are not able to provide you with the results you deserve and you long for cellulite reduction, contact Atlanta Cosmetic Urology to learn more about Xiaflex. Dr. Tariq Hakky looks forward to meeting with you during a consultation to discuss your goals and explain the benefits of cellulite reduction with Xiaflex. 

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